Advanced poker strategies to stand out from the crowd paperunicorngames

Advanced poker strategies to stand out from the crowd paperunicorngames

Advanced poker strategies to stand out from the crowd

Are you playing and playing online poker, but not winning? Do you already have regularity but want to improve with advanced poker strategies? In this article, you’ll learn what online (and face-to-face) poker winning strategies can help you go from mediocre or average to an advanced game of Texas Hold’em. we’re waiting for you!

Knowing how to play poker is not the same as knowing how to play poker. Have we lost our minds? Not at all, let’s explain. Going through a few tables and having a good time playing is not the same as developing an advanced poker strategy to succeed. Some of these more advanced Texas Hold’em poker winning strategies are well known and you should start practicing them if you are not going to be a simple “fisherman” and start struggling in tournaments. Ready to learn the best online poker strategies?

Advanced poker strategies: continuation betting

In poker, you won’t win if you only bet when you have good hands. That’s impossible because eventually, you won’t have enough of them. But that doesn’t mean you have to bluff all the time. In this limbo, we find the continuation bet, one of poker’s advanced strategies, with which we keep attacking after the flop, even if we haven’t made a call. A practical example: we have AK and raise preflop, the big blind calls and we’re on our own. Between the first three cards come the low cards, what shall we do? A bad player would check, we keep betting.

This is not a bluff, because we will probably still have the strongest hand with the higher cards. Another function of this online poker strategy is to prevent our opponent from carrying out his plans. That is, if he has four hearts and we raise the pot, we won’t let him beat us with a flush. But it does tell us when we shouldn’t bet the continuation:

  • When we think the opponent may have a stronger hand (e.g. three of a kind, full house, flush or straight).
  • If there are many players in the hand. Remember that we don’t necessarily have a winning hand. Against one player we are probably ahead, but against four players there are fewer options.
  • If someone bet early and we lost the initiative. It’s also useful if we weren’t aggressive enough before the flop.

Blocking rate

This type of bet differs from the continuation bet in that we are unlikely to be ahead. In both cases, we have absolutely no winning hand and we have no position, but they are slightly different. How? Well, in a blocking bet we’re likely to be behind, but we bet first to prevent our opponent from betting higher.

For example, if we have 9-10 and we see 8-J-A on the flop with 4 hearts, after a small raise from the big blind. One option is to see if a fifth card (either straight or flush) comes in, but it’s much wiser to make a small raise. The opponent is likely to have A, which will prevent him from making a big bet, as a light preflop raise shows that A is not well followed or that he has a couple of cards without A. This online poker strategy has a very clear risk: that the opponent with A is the winner and will respond with a check-raise (which we will see later). Casino Cruise offers its customers great bonuses, including the game of Poker.

Hold’em poker strategies for playing with (and against) monsters

In poker, to stop winning is to lose. This can be seen very clearly with beginners who hit a monster on the flop that will win 95% of the time, but run their opponent over with a big bet and lose it all (a monster is three kinds, full house, straight, flush, or even poker). And even more so when we know our opponent is not going to beat us. These cases can be great when the opponent has tied something, and most of the monster is already hidden in the hand. (Example: we have 3 pairs, and our opponent has AK. 3K7 on the flop). In this case, we just have to wait until he gives us his chips without mistakes.

Now, this is not always going to be so pretty, and we will have to devise winning poker strategies to expand our chip base. If we suspect our opponent doesn’t have such a good hand and there are hints of our monster (three diamonds on the table), we have to play it out skillfully. The best strategy here, unfortunately, is to check and hope your opponent is bluffing, betting heads-up only on the river.

On the other hand, playing against a monster is impossible. No matter how many strategies we’ve promised you to fight them, it doesn’t matter how bad your opponent is or how good we are. If he has a hand, he will beat us. But… we can stop him from having one. How? If we have the initiative, we should bet big on flops with two cards of the same suit or with two consecutive cards. If we are called for a free card, we won’t give it up.

The check-raise: a double-edged sword

Check-raise is an online poker strategy designed to do away with aggressive players who want to show weakness and then prey on unsuspecting prey. In that sense, it’s similar to check-call, but when we don’t have a monster, just a hand with which to outplay our opponent. In short, we are looking to replace a value bet, which the opponent may not be able to call, with a check-raise. We will look for his bluff by showing weakness with a check. We recommend testing these strategies at William Hill online casino.

The risk of this bet is that the opponent, having a flush or a straight, will see free chips, with which he will sweep us away. The check-raise works well against aggressive players who often try to steal the pot.

These poker strategies are not foolproof and may well fail. Even experienced players can fail because these strategies are designed to counteract each other, and even if you apply one of them, you do not know which one your opponent will apply. Other players are playing too! The truth is that by learning to control them, you will maximize your chances of success in the long run. You need the practice to do this, and considering you’ll have to play poker for real money for optimal practice, welcome bonuses can be your savior.

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