Rating of the best open world games 2023

Rating of the best open world games 2023

Open-world games allow players to experience freedom and choice. This is unavailable to games that lead the user by the hand through the story. More and more players move away from standard shooters and decide to enjoy the virtual world to the fullest.

Given the needs of users, developers are creating more and more games, the plot unfolds in the open world. This method allows gamers not to lose the love to the gameplay even during the daily game. We are going to tell you the TOP projects with open-world story and where you can buy them.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A unique combination of western, shooter and action. Rockstar Studio developers worked on the production. The game was released for PC in 2019 and is still popular among fans of the virtual world. The user will have to get to the 19th century and play as Arthur Morgan. This criminal is on the run and tries his best to survive, despite the harshness of the local edges. The player can rob wagons and trains, to confront the representatives of the law. The graphics of the shooter is rated very high, along with GTA V or The Witcher 3.

The price on Steam is $17.49.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In the Assassin’s Creed lineup, this is Ubisoft Montreal’s twelfth action-RPG project. It features more complex rpg game mechanics. You will play as a Viking, who had to lead a serious campaign. The game’s plot unfolds in 873 year in Britain. Gamers will have to use the traditional battles with enemies and stealth modes. Also, users must ensure timely “pumping” of the village, building structures to help the warriors.

The price at EpicGames is $59.99.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The eleventh game in the Assassins’ Creed lineup. The project was released in 2018. To this day, this action rpg honorably holds the bar as one of the highest rated games. The player enters a period of existence in ancient Greece. The character can take part in battles, stealth diversions. The game features a large number of dialogues with the ability to choose and influence the plot of the further narrative.

The price on Steam is $32.99.

Death Stranding

An amazing project from the famous genius Hideo Kojima. The game came out on PlayStation in 2019 and on PC in 2020. It is a simulation in a post-apocalyptic environment. You will play as a letter carrier who has to make deliveries around the world. Perfect variant for those, who are tired of standard shooters. This game is able to surprise each player with its unique mechanics and make you look at the game world in a new way.

The price for this game on Steam is $59.99.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios worked on the project. The game was released in 2018. The character appears in the kingdom called Bohemia. The action of the plot unfolds in 1403. Players will have to play as the blacksmith’s son, who needs to resist a conspiracy. In the plot you must restore the power of King Wroclaw IV. The game is distinguished by historical authenticity. Even the smallest details such as clothes, buildings and weapons are taken into account.

The price on Steam is $ 29.99.

Far Cry 5

It seemed only recently that players enjoyed the Far Cry 2 storyline, and today the world is already screaming for the fifth, penultimate game in the line. The plot unfolds in Montana. Players will have to confront a cult follower, Joseph Sid. The arsenal of weapons available for the character is impressive. In addition, players can tame wild animals and use their powers in confrontations.

The price on Steam is $32.99.

Cyberpunk 2077

Even people who are not fans of the game industry know about this game. The reason for this is the global advertising campaign from CD Projekt RED. The action game was presented to the world in 2020, but for a long time it had to endure corrections. Users were dissatisfied with the large number of bugs and problems. Every month the developers are improving the content and fixes bugs. You should not wait for the final version – definitely Cyberpunk should try it right now!

The cost on Steam is $29.99.

Monster Hunter: World

The game was developed by Capcom R&D Division 2. It became available to players in 2018. The project is the fifth part in the line. According to the story, the character hunts monsters, and the main gameplay includes not an increase in characteristics, but the correct selection of equipment and weapons. It is these parameters and affect the style of combat. Experienced players of the project remind Diablo II.

Sign up for $29.99 on Steam

Dead Island 2

Users of the game are offered a huge open world in which they will have to confront dangerous zombies in the territory of California. Players will have to search for provisions for chel, energy to replenish stamina. Also a lot of useful items for weapon modification were added to the game. The detailing of the project is impressive. Your character can cut off one limb of a zombie or hack it in half. In stealth mode you can wring the necks of your enemies without using your weapon. Using super arsenal you can freeze your enemies or burn them. The main task of the player is to find survivors and leave the island unharmed.

The cost has not yet been announced.

PROJECT D: Human Risen

Project in the style of a combination of simulation and Survival. Over the development worked professionals from Catgames. Until now, a clear stylistics of gameplay can not be defined.

Among the features of the project:

  • early access;
  • action and adventure;
  • indie and simulation;
  • Stim points; Stim gameplay;
  • multiplayer mode.

Players are invited to choose between several modes: “Story for One,” “For Multiple Users,” and “Cooperative Mode.”

A one-time purchase will be distributed in the international format. For the time being the game is in development and cannot be downloaded even by pirates. The gameplay will support the Russian language.

You can pre-order the game on Steam.

New World

A multiplayer role-playing project. It was developed by Amazon. Players will immerse themselves in a world of dark fantasy. The character must boast survival skills, create unique guilds and confront opponents around the world.

According to the story you will have to go to the island of Eternum, which is inhabited by the legion of the Damned. After the shipwreck the character will have to restore order here, because for several centuries the island was a real dark legend. The player must pump up skills and abilities and team up with other users. Exciting struggle for resources awaits you.

Steam pricing is $39.99.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As soon as you enter the world of The Witcher 3, you immediately feel that the line between good and bad here is very blurred. You will have to meet many peoples, secret communities, and representatives of different nations.

Players will constantly have to choose how to turn the plot. And it’s not always going to be a noble choice. One way or another, everyone follows their own path in The Witcher 3.

The price on Steam is $19.99.

Grand Theft Auto V

According to the game’s plot, you have to constantly choose between the robber Michael, the psychopath Trevor or the young pickpocket Franklin. As soon as you switch characters, you immediately find yourself in a different location. You can get to the mountain or the beach, the forest or the city center. The open world of GTA 5 attracts users with real freedom. You can jump with parachute in the city, enjoy diving or fly the plane doing pirouettes. Also the gameplay includes interaction with NPC animals.

Steam for $25.48 (Premium Edition).


Another project that is impossible to ignore. It’s a hardcore Survival game in which you have to fight for life. You must confront the other survivors in the vast location of the island.

At the beginning of the game the character will be thrown ashore without any equipment. Making your way deep into the territory, you will collect resources. From these the player will have to build a house, create a weapon to defend against enemies. And there will be a lot of opponents: each of them will try to take the character out of the race for survival.

The price of the game on Steam is $19.99.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Although the game appeared 10 years ago, to this day it remains popular among fans of the game industry. Given the scale of the gameplay, there is nothing to be surprised about. The game world is detailed and has interesting mechanics. Therefore it is difficult to compete with The Elder Scrolls V.

Skyrim is famous for incredibly beautiful open world, designed in the style of Scandinavia. In this world you will have to fight with dragons, and every appearance of these dragons is very exciting.

The game also has a lot of fan support: every year a lot of mods that improve the graphics and other aspects of gameplay are released. This adds new emotions to an already familiar world.

The price on Steam is $19.99.

Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is an open-world adventure game set in 1960s New Orleans. Players take on the role of Lincoln Clay, who returns from the Vietnam War to avenge the murder of his foster family by the Italian Mafia.

The story is well written, exploring issues of race, politics, and power in the context of the civil rights movement. The game’s background music and soundtrack also add to the richness of the game world.

However, the gameplay mechanics can be repetitive, as many missions have similar objectives, such as killing gang members and disrupting operations. The lack of non-mission-related activities or side missions can make the game world feel empty.

Other Interesting Games

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Basic rules and strategies for playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo rules and elements

The essential elements according to the Sic Bo rules are:

  • Sic Bo board.
  • Three dice.
  • Chest (where the dice are shaken and stored).
  • Casino chips for betting.

The purpose of this dice game is very simple. It is to bet on trying to guess what combination will come up when the dice are rolled. Depending on the final result and the Sic Bo rules, your bet can be more or less profitable. As for the rules of Sic Bo, an essential one is that bets must be placed before the roll. To do this you will place casino chips on a board full of possibilities. These plays are paid according to the odds offered.

As mentioned in the Sic Bo rules, three regular six-sided dice are required. The dice are shaken and when they fall on the table, their faces are turned upwards. According to the Sic Bo rules the final results determine which bet is the winner.

This game is one of the most exciting casino games and for good reason. The Sic Bo rules allow you to create a large number of bets with unique outcomes. In addition, it offers players the opportunity to win many times their original winnings.

If you play in a land-based casino, the dealer will shake the dice and hand out chips to the winners. He or she will also indicate that no more bets are allowed.

Online casinos have also opened up this incredible game with a variety of options. Here you can find everything from a virtual dealer behind the screen to being the one who moves the dice with the mouse. In the latter case the chips are automatically given to you as you win or lose.

Sic Bo Bets and Payouts

There are a total of seven possible bets in the Sic Bo rules. Read on to find out more about each of them.

Sic Bo Table


This is a simple bet based on guessing the total of the three dice. It can vary from 4 to 17 (3 and 18 are excluded because they are triples). In each of the plays the payouts may differ, this is due to the probability of occurrence. In every betting box this is clearly shown.

If you want to know, each betting box will show the payout, for example, that for the number 4 you will get 60 to 1. This means that for every unit bet you can win 60 units.

Small and large

In this case, you are betting on whether the total sum of the dice is high or low. If you bet on the small dice, the bet can vary from 4 to 10. If you bet on the big dice, the bet can vary from 11 to 17.

Here, they offer a 1 to 1 payout on big and small. This is an excellent option, very similar to what happens with online roulette casino outside bets. For example, betting on Foul or Pass. This is also a low risk strategy.

If any triples appear in the SicBo, you lose the Big or Small. For this reason the total of 3 to 18 is not included in the bets.


This consists of a choice of 15 possible combinations of two dice. This bet is related to the numbers that appear on each of the three cubes. An example would be to bet on a combination of 2 and 4; if the data shows 1, 2 and 4, you win.

In this case the payout for the Sic Bo is 6 to 1. For each unit of bet the player would win 6 units. This may also differ from the full bet, as the payout will be different according to the specific total.

Placing such a bet constitutes a medium risk strategy.


A single bet is placed. If you win, a specific number is shown on any of the three dice.

If so, the payoff depends on how many times the number is shown on the dice. If the selected digit is shown on one side only, it will pay 1 to 1. If it appears on two cubes, it pays 2 to 1, and on three, 12 to 1.


This is a bet in which you bet that a specific number will come up twice on the dice. For example, if you bet Double 4, and 4, 4, 3 comes up, you win.

The payout will be 10 to 1 for any number bet between 1 to 6. You should keep in mind that in triple betting there is no option for you to bet any doubles. This happens because to achieve the latter, you have to form it in a specific way.


Same as above, but this time with a number that comes up on all 3 dice. The payout will be 30 to 1 if you do not choose any specific digit. However, for a specific triple the payout is 180 to 1, representing the highest payout on the board.

Odd or even

This is created based on the total sum of the three dice and whether it results in an odd or even number. This type of bet, like small and large, also loses on a triple.

You win the bet if the total of the dice sum results in an odd or even number. Depending on how much the player bets.

In both cases there is an exception: if the dice roll a triple, the casino is the winner.

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Strategies and tips for playing

Sic Bo is one of the most thrilling online casino games. Here players need to use dice to create their bets and it depends on them whether they win or not. These numbered cubes are thrown at random, so it is complex to predict the numbers that will come up.

Chances are you are wondering how to succeed at Sic Bo. Having no control over the roll of the numbers makes it seem impossible, however, it is not at all. Believe it or not, there are people who are able to play Sic Bo with strategy. This allows them to win a lot of money in any casino they visit. No matter if it is traditional or Sic Bo online.

We admit that it is difficult to create a plan to win when you depend on elements that you can’t control. As is common, chance dominates most casino games. In this case, it’s all about the dice.

Many players are unaware of the strategies that can work in Sic Bo. If this is your situation, we inform you that you can and must use more than one strategy to win. Therefore, you need to set up many to help you lead the game.

It is not easy to guess exactly what the outcome of the dice will be. Among the rules of Sic Bo there are bets that give you a greater advantage. In the following, we will explain what these strategies are. We will also give you some tips that you should take into account to play Sic Bo without dying in the attempt.

Medium risk strategy

First of all, you should know that strategies can be divided according to the risk involved in the bet. We must remind you that as is common in any casino game the prize depends on how much you gamble. Big risks involve huge numbers in case of winning. As opposed to smaller stakes that offer players smaller prizes.

The medium risk strategy at Sic Bo Online involves you making multiple bets as follows:

  • Three units at 9 o’clock and two at a double 1, 5 or 6, to build up a total of 9 of them.
  • Three units at 12 o’clock and two at a double 1, 2 and 6, making a total of 9 of them.

To these two betting designs corresponds a return on investment as follows.

  • For nine single bet wins, 24 units.
  • For multiple double bet wins, 24 units.
  • For twelve single bet wins, 24 units.
  • For wins on smaller double bets, 24 units.

Placing a bet on a single number can win you more money than average. Although the payout rate is also higher when it is a single digit, your chances of winning are lower.

You have to focus on a single die and predict the number that will come up from 1 to 6. Whatever number you choose, there is a chance that it will come up on the roll of one of the three dice.

Of all the big bets on a Sic Bo table the riskiest is a specific triple. That is, 2-2-2, but there is only a 0.46 per cent chance of it happening.

This is the basic information you need to know in order to play in the casino. Once you have mastered it completely, you will be able to enjoy the strategies like an expert gambler.

Avoid betting massively in several areas.

In this game of Sic Bo, it is essential to concentrate on one area. This strategy helps players to pay exclusive attention to one bet.

Players can place a large number of bets in as many as 16 different areas. The downside of this situation is that it can hinder a player’s focus and cause them to lose a bet.

As a player you must learn to identify your chances of winning. This ensures that you do not waste time and money in various betting areas. Therefore, we recommend that you bet in only one area of the Sic Bo.

We recommend playing Sic Bo at these online casinos:

Myth of fallacy gamblers

The gambler’s fallacy myth is very common in the online gambling industry. It consists of people believing that if something happens frequently at some point in time, then it won’t be so frequent. As a Sic Bo player, don’t assume that dice combinations that happen often reduce their likelihood of appearing later.

Don’t fall for these misleading myths. Relying on them is not one of the best strategies to use when playing from a mobile device. It is not true that the outcome of the dice depends on what happened before. Avoid unsubstantiated beliefs with any other online casino game, as they do not work with gambling.

Evolution of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game that, like many other games of chance, has its origins in China. In its early days it became very popular in the Macau region, as several Asian casinos were opened. Today, its rooms attract large numbers of tourists and are very popular.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo has a slight resemblance to roulette, so it is worth knowing about it and its origins. Although not much is really known about how it was created and the exact date of its invention. Some people consider it so old that they even presume it has been around for over a thousand years.

To understand the development of the Sic Bo we have to go back two thousand years. Exactly in the Chinese civilisation, one of the oldest in the world. By this time the Chinese were already gaining a reputation for using what they had in their daily life to invent many games. Bricks, bones and stones were used as tokens to compete against each other and to pass the time.

Expansion and new versions

At the beginning of the 20th century it began to spread to the West. Chinese immigrants were responsible for the movement. Their migration forced casinos in Las Vegas and the rest of the country to include this curious game in their offer. This is how Sic Bo arrived in the United States. At that time it was very little accepted by the American public, unlike other games such as blackjack or roulette.

This gave rise to the idea of creating adaptations for American players. For this reason, several versions were created, called Birdcage wrapped or Chuck-a-Luck.

Eventually, the tricky SicBo also reached Europe. In the UK it caught on and was to be combined with the rules of Hazard. This was played with only two dice, but in order to adapt it to SicBo they added another one.

Thus a version called Gran Hazard was created in which the three pieces were used. It was the predecessor of what in England and the rest of the world would become the popular craps.

To this day, this game is still the most popular among Eastern gamblers. Now with the advent of online casinos it has grown in number of users in all permitted locations.

How can I play Sic Bo online?

The main objective is to try to predict the likely scenarios as part of the results when rolling the 3 dice. You try to guess the totals and also the possible combinations. Players have the opportunity to place multiple bets at the same time. The bet is paid according to the area indicated on the table.

To play, all you need to do is:

  1. register at one of the best online casinos and try SicBo. To do this, you just need to access the website, fill in the form with your details and you are ready to go.
  2. Enter the SicBo online interface where you will find the virtual table. There you will see data quite similar to the craps game.
  3. Press the start button and the dice will be rolled automatically.

In Sic Bo rules, the gambler can challenge the dealer and also other players. But this will depend on the variant you are playing.

If you like live gambling, live bingo is a very similar alternative to Sic Bo. There you can interact with a real dealer who calls out the balls that come out of the drum; a very realistic experience.

Advanced poker strategies to stand out from the crowd paperunicorngames

Advanced poker strategies to stand out from the crowd

Are you playing and playing online poker, but not winning? Do you already have regularity but want to improve with advanced poker strategies? In this article, you’ll learn what online (and face-to-face) poker winning strategies can help you go from mediocre or average to an advanced game of Texas Hold’em. we’re waiting for you!

Knowing how to play poker is not the same as knowing how to play poker. Have we lost our minds? Not at all, let’s explain. Going through a few tables and having a good time playing is not the same as developing an advanced poker strategy to succeed. Some of these more advanced Texas Hold’em poker winning strategies are well known and you should start practicing them if you are not going to be a simple “fisherman” and start struggling in tournaments. Ready to learn the best online poker strategies?

Advanced poker strategies: continuation betting

In poker, you won’t win if you only bet when you have good hands. That’s impossible because eventually, you won’t have enough of them. But that doesn’t mean you have to bluff all the time. In this limbo, we find the continuation bet, one of poker’s advanced strategies, with which we keep attacking after the flop, even if we haven’t made a call. A practical example: we have AK and raise preflop, the big blind calls and we’re on our own. Between the first three cards come the low cards, what shall we do? A bad player would check, we keep betting.

This is not a bluff, because we will probably still have the strongest hand with the higher cards. Another function of this online poker strategy is to prevent our opponent from carrying out his plans. That is, if he has four hearts and we raise the pot, we won’t let him beat us with a flush. But it does tell us when we shouldn’t bet the continuation:

  • When we think the opponent may have a stronger hand (e.g. three of a kind, full house, flush or straight).
  • If there are many players in the hand. Remember that we don’t necessarily have a winning hand. Against one player we are probably ahead, but against four players there are fewer options.
  • If someone bet early and we lost the initiative. It’s also useful if we weren’t aggressive enough before the flop.

Blocking rate

This type of bet differs from the continuation bet in that we are unlikely to be ahead. In both cases, we have absolutely no winning hand and we have no position, but they are slightly different. How? Well, in a blocking bet we’re likely to be behind, but we bet first to prevent our opponent from betting higher.

For example, if we have 9-10 and we see 8-J-A on the flop with 4 hearts, after a small raise from the big blind. One option is to see if a fifth card (either straight or flush) comes in, but it’s much wiser to make a small raise. The opponent is likely to have A, which will prevent him from making a big bet, as a light preflop raise shows that A is not well followed or that he has a couple of cards without A. This online poker strategy has a very clear risk: that the opponent with A is the winner and will respond with a check-raise (which we will see later). Casino Cruise offers its customers great bonuses, including the game of Poker.

Hold’em poker strategies for playing with (and against) monsters

In poker, to stop winning is to lose. This can be seen very clearly with beginners who hit a monster on the flop that will win 95% of the time, but run their opponent over with a big bet and lose it all (a monster is three kinds, full house, straight, flush, or even poker). And even more so when we know our opponent is not going to beat us. These cases can be great when the opponent has tied something, and most of the monster is already hidden in the hand. (Example: we have 3 pairs, and our opponent has AK. 3K7 on the flop). In this case, we just have to wait until he gives us his chips without mistakes.

Now, this is not always going to be so pretty, and we will have to devise winning poker strategies to expand our chip base. If we suspect our opponent doesn’t have such a good hand and there are hints of our monster (three diamonds on the table), we have to play it out skillfully. The best strategy here, unfortunately, is to check and hope your opponent is bluffing, betting heads-up only on the river.

On the other hand, playing against a monster is impossible. No matter how many strategies we’ve promised you to fight them, it doesn’t matter how bad your opponent is or how good we are. If he has a hand, he will beat us. But… we can stop him from having one. How? If we have the initiative, we should bet big on flops with two cards of the same suit or with two consecutive cards. If we are called for a free card, we won’t give it up.

The check-raise: a double-edged sword

Check-raise is an online poker strategy designed to do away with aggressive players who want to show weakness and then prey on unsuspecting prey. In that sense, it’s similar to check-call, but when we don’t have a monster, just a hand with which to outplay our opponent. In short, we are looking to replace a value bet, which the opponent may not be able to call, with a check-raise. We will look for his bluff by showing weakness with a check. We recommend testing these strategies at William Hill online casino.

The risk of this bet is that the opponent, having a flush or a straight, will see free chips, with which he will sweep us away. The check-raise works well against aggressive players who often try to steal the pot.

These poker strategies are not foolproof and may well fail. Even experienced players can fail because these strategies are designed to counteract each other, and even if you apply one of them, you do not know which one your opponent will apply. Other players are playing too! The truth is that by learning to control them, you will maximize your chances of success in the long run. You need the practice to do this, and considering you’ll have to play poker for real money for optimal practice, welcome bonuses can be your savior.

Probably the Best Casino in the World

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Play to your advantage on the slot machines! paperunicorngames

Play the slot machines to your advantage

Slot machines are great: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you’re always living with emotion. But you probably already know that, and if you’ve made it this far, it’s because you want to go a little further. As well as how to win at the slot machines, this post will teach you all the secrets to having even more fun. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s go!

The secret to winning exorbitant amounts of money is none other than slots with progressive jackpots. With these slot machines, you can win excessive amounts of millions of Euros that could change your life.

How do jackpot slots work?

Progressive jackpot slots work on a straightforward scheme. Every time you place a bet, part of the amount is accumulated in the major jackpot, so the bank increases each time players play. Conventional slot machines have a fixed jackpot, but progressive jackpot slots increase as players play.

The size of the jackpot can vary depending on the type of slot machine, but they are all very juicy. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Also, not many people get to win the hundred-meter dash, but it’s worth a try nonetheless… because the prize is enormous!

Some Interesting Slots
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Three types of slot machines with progressive jackpots

While the size of jackpots can vary depending on the last big win or the popularity of different slot machines, there is one key determinant among other factors. The types of slot machines do matter:

  • Single progressive jackpots: These are the simplest. The jackpot accumulates in the same game, so you can win a big prize, but an inconspicuous one compared to other systems.
  • Single-slot machine jackpots: Not only will you accumulate jackpot prizes from the slot machine in front of you, but you will also enjoy prizes from multiple slots, but always from the same casino. The prizes are much bigger than the individual ones.
  • Linked slots: With these types of slot machines, you can access the biggest jackpots. The prizes are very high because they share prizes with slots worldwide, such as the Justice League slot.

To win the juicy jackpot, you have to make the maximum bet, so you’ll have to spend a little more to win, but… it’s worth it! Progressive jackpot slots are usually three or five-reel slots.

Become a slot machine king!

Thinking that slot machines are just about pushing a little button and waiting for luck is an excellent idea if you want to cheat yourself, but a terrible idea if you’re going to win. Only through experience and trial and error can you get the most out of slot machines. Of course, you should know how to take advantage of the welcome bonuses – winning the progressive jackpot without investing a single euro sounds good, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that you won’t always be lucky. In such cases, don’t get carried away with your emotions, and remember that stopping in time is much better than incurring significant losses.

Poker cards | Learn the history of playing cardspaperunicorngames

What poker cards symbolise

It’s the weekend, an excellent time to get together with friends and family for a fun game of poker. Whether it’s on the messaging app you use to communicate or on the phone, you always ask yourself the same question: who’s holding the poker cards this time? You wouldn’t need them to play poker online, but if you’re one of those who prefer face-to-face, you may have wondered what the natural history of poker cards is, what their origins are, or why these particular pieces are in decks and not others.

This article will shed some light on the problem, giving you the information you need to become a true poker card connoisseur.

Each beginning has a story to tell: a pack of cards.

Playing cards originated as early as the 12th century in China, but it was in Europe that they experienced their best period. When the Arabs conquered Spain and southern France, they originated, reaching their peak popularity in Spanish territory on the Italian peninsula.

Some say that card games had their heyday in times of war, then they moved on to the courts and finally society. Others say the story began in the territory of Castile and Aragon in 1310 at the Council of Science.

A pack of cards is nothing more than a set of cards, also called playing cards. Card games of poker are just one example of what you can do to enjoy the 52 rectangular cards a complete pack of cards offers.

Although in this post, we will focus on poker cards, decks have very diverse uses, games of all kinds, skill games, board games, and famous magic tricks.

Poker cards in different countries

France, Germany, or England also have their decks, as it is the Anglo-Saxon country that is the protagonist of most of the poker cards used in the world’s most famous casinos today. All of these card decks differ mainly in the number and vocabulary of the cards.

Unlike other popular games, it is easy to create fun and sequels with poker cards or other card decks. In Spain, the most popular card games are mus, price, and tute. But when it comes to poker, Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant among our players, taking its origins in “chivito,” which few people remember anymore.

What material are poker cards made of?

Cards are rectangular, with the usual illustrations on one side and a numerical representation with a known “suit” on the opposite side. Their material is usually cardboard, although increasingly, they are made from more sophisticated materials that can withstand any manipulation, such as in casinos or poker rooms where higher quality cards of this type are used to avoid marking the cards.

How many poker cards are in the deck?

Cards in poker are divided into four blocks called “suits.” There are two red suits, the diamonds and hearts, and two black suits, the spades, and clubs. Each suite is made up of 9 cards with a numerical value between 2 and 10. We must add an ace and three pieces (Jack, Queen, and King).

In the world of poker cards, an ace is considered the first numbered card of each suit and equivalent to the number one. The three pieces will be between the number 10 and the ace.

As for the representation of suits in poker card decks, it has its origins in the four social strata of the Middle Ages:

  • Diamonds: In the French or English deck, it is represented by diamonds, and in the Spanish deck by gold. It was a symbol representing finance and monarchy.
  • Spades: symbolize the army and nobility in the Middle Ages. In the Spanish deck, it would have been equivalent to swords.
  • Heart: Also cups in the Spanish deck. It represented the church or clergy, a fundamental institution at the time.
  • Shamrock: It represents the farmers or peasant class of feudal society in the Middle Ages. In the Spanish deck, it would mean the peasants.

How many cards do you play poker with?

If we’re talking about a Spanish deck, we can’t talk about poker. The cards for poker belong to the English deck, which is played with 52 cards and goes back to the French deck. The English patio or poker deck is divided into four suits, as we have mentioned in previous paragraphs consisting of two colors (two red and two black). Hearts and Diamonds are red, and Spades and Clubs are black.

The suits are 13 cards: 9 are numbers and 4 pieces (Jack, Queen, King, and Ace). The order is from ace (number 1) to the king.

As for the suit pieces, they are represented by royalty:

  • J is Jack, representing the servant.
  • Q is the Queen. All ladies in a poker deck hold bouquets, except for the Queen of Spades, who has a wand.
  • K is the king.

As for the Ace, it comes from the English term ”Ace”, which is used to refer to a card of each suit with a unique symbol.

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