Basic rules and strategies for playing Sic Bo

Basic rules and strategies for playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo rules and elements

The essential elements according to the Sic Bo rules are:

  • Sic Bo board.
  • Three dice.
  • Chest (where the dice are shaken and stored).
  • Casino chips for betting.

The purpose of this dice game is very simple. It is to bet on trying to guess what combination will come up when the dice are rolled. Depending on the final result and the Sic Bo rules, your bet can be more or less profitable. As for the rules of Sic Bo, an essential one is that bets must be placed before the roll. To do this you will place casino chips on a board full of possibilities. These plays are paid according to the odds offered.

As mentioned in the Sic Bo rules, three regular six-sided dice are required. The dice are shaken and when they fall on the table, their faces are turned upwards. According to the Sic Bo rules the final results determine which bet is the winner.

This game is one of the most exciting casino games and for good reason. The Sic Bo rules allow you to create a large number of bets with unique outcomes. In addition, it offers players the opportunity to win many times their original winnings.

If you play in a land-based casino, the dealer will shake the dice and hand out chips to the winners. He or she will also indicate that no more bets are allowed.

Online casinos have also opened up this incredible game with a variety of options. Here you can find everything from a virtual dealer behind the screen to being the one who moves the dice with the mouse. In the latter case the chips are automatically given to you as you win or lose.

Sic Bo Bets and Payouts

There are a total of seven possible bets in the Sic Bo rules. Read on to find out more about each of them.

Sic Bo Table


This is a simple bet based on guessing the total of the three dice. It can vary from 4 to 17 (3 and 18 are excluded because they are triples). In each of the plays the payouts may differ, this is due to the probability of occurrence. In every betting box this is clearly shown.

If you want to know, each betting box will show the payout, for example, that for the number 4 you will get 60 to 1. This means that for every unit bet you can win 60 units.

Small and large

In this case, you are betting on whether the total sum of the dice is high or low. If you bet on the small dice, the bet can vary from 4 to 10. If you bet on the big dice, the bet can vary from 11 to 17.

Here, they offer a 1 to 1 payout on big and small. This is an excellent option, very similar to what happens with online roulette casino outside bets. For example, betting on Foul or Pass. This is also a low risk strategy.

If any triples appear in the SicBo, you lose the Big or Small. For this reason the total of 3 to 18 is not included in the bets.


This consists of a choice of 15 possible combinations of two dice. This bet is related to the numbers that appear on each of the three cubes. An example would be to bet on a combination of 2 and 4; if the data shows 1, 2 and 4, you win.

In this case the payout for the Sic Bo is 6 to 1. For each unit of bet the player would win 6 units. This may also differ from the full bet, as the payout will be different according to the specific total.

Placing such a bet constitutes a medium risk strategy.


A single bet is placed. If you win, a specific number is shown on any of the three dice.

If so, the payoff depends on how many times the number is shown on the dice. If the selected digit is shown on one side only, it will pay 1 to 1. If it appears on two cubes, it pays 2 to 1, and on three, 12 to 1.


This is a bet in which you bet that a specific number will come up twice on the dice. For example, if you bet Double 4, and 4, 4, 3 comes up, you win.

The payout will be 10 to 1 for any number bet between 1 to 6. You should keep in mind that in triple betting there is no option for you to bet any doubles. This happens because to achieve the latter, you have to form it in a specific way.


Same as above, but this time with a number that comes up on all 3 dice. The payout will be 30 to 1 if you do not choose any specific digit. However, for a specific triple the payout is 180 to 1, representing the highest payout on the board.

Odd or even

This is created based on the total sum of the three dice and whether it results in an odd or even number. This type of bet, like small and large, also loses on a triple.

You win the bet if the total of the dice sum results in an odd or even number. Depending on how much the player bets.

In both cases there is an exception: if the dice roll a triple, the casino is the winner.

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Strategies and tips for playing

Sic Bo is one of the most thrilling online casino games. Here players need to use dice to create their bets and it depends on them whether they win or not. These numbered cubes are thrown at random, so it is complex to predict the numbers that will come up.

Chances are you are wondering how to succeed at Sic Bo. Having no control over the roll of the numbers makes it seem impossible, however, it is not at all. Believe it or not, there are people who are able to play Sic Bo with strategy. This allows them to win a lot of money in any casino they visit. No matter if it is traditional or Sic Bo online.

We admit that it is difficult to create a plan to win when you depend on elements that you can’t control. As is common, chance dominates most casino games. In this case, it’s all about the dice.

Many players are unaware of the strategies that can work in Sic Bo. If this is your situation, we inform you that you can and must use more than one strategy to win. Therefore, you need to set up many to help you lead the game.

It is not easy to guess exactly what the outcome of the dice will be. Among the rules of Sic Bo there are bets that give you a greater advantage. In the following, we will explain what these strategies are. We will also give you some tips that you should take into account to play Sic Bo without dying in the attempt.

Medium risk strategy

First of all, you should know that strategies can be divided according to the risk involved in the bet. We must remind you that as is common in any casino game the prize depends on how much you gamble. Big risks involve huge numbers in case of winning. As opposed to smaller stakes that offer players smaller prizes.

The medium risk strategy at Sic Bo Online involves you making multiple bets as follows:

  • Three units at 9 o’clock and two at a double 1, 5 or 6, to build up a total of 9 of them.
  • Three units at 12 o’clock and two at a double 1, 2 and 6, making a total of 9 of them.

To these two betting designs corresponds a return on investment as follows.

  • For nine single bet wins, 24 units.
  • For multiple double bet wins, 24 units.
  • For twelve single bet wins, 24 units.
  • For wins on smaller double bets, 24 units.

Placing a bet on a single number can win you more money than average. Although the payout rate is also higher when it is a single digit, your chances of winning are lower.

You have to focus on a single die and predict the number that will come up from 1 to 6. Whatever number you choose, there is a chance that it will come up on the roll of one of the three dice.

Of all the big bets on a Sic Bo table the riskiest is a specific triple. That is, 2-2-2, but there is only a 0.46 per cent chance of it happening.

This is the basic information you need to know in order to play in the casino. Once you have mastered it completely, you will be able to enjoy the strategies like an expert gambler.

Avoid betting massively in several areas.

In this game of Sic Bo, it is essential to concentrate on one area. This strategy helps players to pay exclusive attention to one bet.

Players can place a large number of bets in as many as 16 different areas. The downside of this situation is that it can hinder a player’s focus and cause them to lose a bet.

As a player you must learn to identify your chances of winning. This ensures that you do not waste time and money in various betting areas. Therefore, we recommend that you bet in only one area of the Sic Bo.

We recommend playing Sic Bo at these online casinos:

Myth of fallacy gamblers

The gambler’s fallacy myth is very common in the online gambling industry. It consists of people believing that if something happens frequently at some point in time, then it won’t be so frequent. As a Sic Bo player, don’t assume that dice combinations that happen often reduce their likelihood of appearing later.

Don’t fall for these misleading myths. Relying on them is not one of the best strategies to use when playing from a mobile device. It is not true that the outcome of the dice depends on what happened before. Avoid unsubstantiated beliefs with any other online casino game, as they do not work with gambling.

Evolution of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game that, like many other games of chance, has its origins in China. In its early days it became very popular in the Macau region, as several Asian casinos were opened. Today, its rooms attract large numbers of tourists and are very popular.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo has a slight resemblance to roulette, so it is worth knowing about it and its origins. Although not much is really known about how it was created and the exact date of its invention. Some people consider it so old that they even presume it has been around for over a thousand years.

To understand the development of the Sic Bo we have to go back two thousand years. Exactly in the Chinese civilisation, one of the oldest in the world. By this time the Chinese were already gaining a reputation for using what they had in their daily life to invent many games. Bricks, bones and stones were used as tokens to compete against each other and to pass the time.

Expansion and new versions

At the beginning of the 20th century it began to spread to the West. Chinese immigrants were responsible for the movement. Their migration forced casinos in Las Vegas and the rest of the country to include this curious game in their offer. This is how Sic Bo arrived in the United States. At that time it was very little accepted by the American public, unlike other games such as blackjack or roulette.

This gave rise to the idea of creating adaptations for American players. For this reason, several versions were created, called Birdcage wrapped or Chuck-a-Luck.

Eventually, the tricky SicBo also reached Europe. In the UK it caught on and was to be combined with the rules of Hazard. This was played with only two dice, but in order to adapt it to SicBo they added another one.

Thus a version called Gran Hazard was created in which the three pieces were used. It was the predecessor of what in England and the rest of the world would become the popular craps.

To this day, this game is still the most popular among Eastern gamblers. Now with the advent of online casinos it has grown in number of users in all permitted locations.

How can I play Sic Bo online?

The main objective is to try to predict the likely scenarios as part of the results when rolling the 3 dice. You try to guess the totals and also the possible combinations. Players have the opportunity to place multiple bets at the same time. The bet is paid according to the area indicated on the table.

To play, all you need to do is:

  1. register at one of the best online casinos and try SicBo. To do this, you just need to access the website, fill in the form with your details and you are ready to go.
  2. Enter the SicBo online interface where you will find the virtual table. There you will see data quite similar to the craps game.
  3. Press the start button and the dice will be rolled automatically.

In Sic Bo rules, the gambler can challenge the dealer and also other players. But this will depend on the variant you are playing.

If you like live gambling, live bingo is a very similar alternative to Sic Bo. There you can interact with a real dealer who calls out the balls that come out of the drum; a very realistic experience.


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